Porron Down-the-Hatch Decanter

Posted: April 03, 2016
Porron Down-the-Hatch Decanter
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Despite how it sounds, a porron pitcher isn't so named because the first 2 to 27 times you fill it with wine (or beer or whiskey) and try to use it you're probably going to porr-on your face. "Porron" is a Catalan word for, well, this exact down-the-hatch-style glass decanter that delivers its contents like a watering can straight from pitcher to piehole.

The porron pictured here is from La Tienda, and has a 1L capacity. Fill it with your favorite drink and hold it high. Lean back, open your mouth, and say a prayer to the god of hand-eye coordination. Tilt the porron and relish the thin stream of liquid arcing out of its spout with all the beauty and grace of the Archibald Fountain in Sydney or Mannekin Pis in Brussels as you taste its sweet nectar on your tongue. Lips...chin...neck...anyone know a good dry cleaner?

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