Pizza Pocket To Go - Slice of Pizza Carrier

Posted: October 04, 2018
Pizza Pocket To Go - Slice of Pizza Carrier
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The only - only! - way I would submit to wearing a lanyard in life is if it had a Pizza Pocket to Go hanging from it. I thought takeaway pizza didn't get any better than the by-the-slice option, but now, holy pepperoni! I can get a slice to eat while I walk, plus another slice to eat when I get back to my desk, carried hands-free and in pristine condition inside a washable and reusable Pizza Pocket with ziplock seal.

OK, well, I'm not so sure about the "pristine" part, but I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of smeared sauce, and a diced pepper and mushroom or two, for the ability to never be without a slice of pizza pressed tight against my body like the stuffed bunny Albert I used to carry as a child again.

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