Pizza Box Oven

Posted: March 12, 2015
Pizza Box Oven
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It's not delivery. And it's not DiGiorno*. It's homemade pizza from the Cuizen Pizza Box Oven. And it's so adorable I can hardly look at it without squealing. And by squealing I mean feeling an overwhelming urge to smoke a fat doob and settle in on the couch in the staff kitchenette with a sausage and bacon supreme instead of working the rest of the day. Yeah, we have a couch in our staff kitchenette. Just one of the many perks of working for a .com and knowing which days the rich neighborhoods put their trash out on the curb.

This Pizza Box eschews grease-soaked cardboard for a sturdy metal frame, cool-touch stainless steel handle, top and bottom heating elements, and a rotating interior nonstick pan. It will cook, melt, and crisp to perfection any pizza up to 12" in diameter using its 1200 watts of power controlled by a thermostat adjustable up to 525 degrees.

*OK, the Pizza Box Oven cooks both fresh and frozen pizzas, so I guess it could be DiGiorno.

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