Pepo Watermelon Slicer

By: on July 28, 2015
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Avihai Shurin has done it again!

I have no idea who Avihai Shurin is. But based on the resounding triumph that is his new Pepo Watermelon Slicer I'll bet this isn't his first trip to the whimsical kitchen tool rodeo. Catering perfectly to the rind and flesh layout of the world's greatest melon, this cookie cutter-type slicer makes watermelons easier and less messy to cut and, with its resultant popsicle shape, easier and less mess to eat.

The Pepo Watermelon Slicer is made of plastic and stainless steel and suitable for children to use. To cut up some watermelon for me. Right after they fold my laundry and vacuum up the Boom Chicka popcorn pieces that missed my mouth last night.

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Tetris Sandwich Cutter

Sold Out from Amazon »

What can I say about the Tetris sandwich cutter except that it cuts sandwiches into shapes based on the all-time best of all games of all time? UNO can barely crawl out of its little paper carton in the presence of Tetris...

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Watermelon Ball Swimming Pool Game

$22 from Amazon »

What we have here is a Watermelon Ball, star of the beloved pool game Watermelon Ball. Made with a durable vinyl membrane, it fills with water such that it looks, feels, and floats like a watermelon, thereby enabling...

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Watermelon Swimsuit

$43 from Batoko »

Oh goodness! I seem to have walked right into a watermelon! It feels so wet and squishy and...gooooood. The fruit of the summer becomes the suit of the summer with Batoko's jaunty watermelon one-piece. No word on whether...

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Watermelon Slicer

Sold Out from Amazon »

My girlfriend brought home a bottle of watermelon juice (this stuff) the other day and first I was like, "Why would you want to eliminate the best part of consuming watermelon, which is munching on its spongy-crunchy...

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Game of Thrones Sigil Cookie Cutters

$5.50 - $23 from Etsy »

Honey-spiced locusts from A Feast of Ice and Fire's Essos chapter may be a more authentic dessert to serve at your next Game of Thrones viewing party, but...ew. That sounds disgusting. Aren't locusts bugs? People from...

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The Watermelon Tent

$784.03 from Field Candy »

Pop art enthusiasts, soul foodies, and vegan grizzly bears, prepare to have your minds blown. The Watermelon Tent is a fantastically realistic slice of summer's finest, that's more than just a kitschy showpiece. Designed...

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Star-Shaped Fruit & Veggie Grow Molds

Sold Out from Amazon »

Be the star of the party. Show your patriotism on the 4th of July. Use these molds to grow some lemons and give yourself the gold star you never got from your teachers. (How's that for making lemonade, Mrs. Carlson?)...

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Hand Gun Egg Fryer Mold

$9.99 from Amazon »

Mmm, from dead fetus to sharp shooter. I'm going to take a shot at loading the Hand Gun Egg Fryer Mold into the Rule of Thirds, as described by my 9th grade English teacher. He said that a third of the people we meet...

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Sexy Watermelon Costume

Sold Out from Amazon »

I don't need hot girls to dress up as them to prove watermelons are sexy, but...it would be alright with me if some did. Maybe assemble a sexy watermelon patch for group costume effort this Halloween. As a bonus for those...

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Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

$14.18 from Amazon »

The Gingerbread Man always acted like such a wuss. Enter The Ninjabread Man. I think he could slide right into all of our favorite Christmas stories and nobody would bat an eyelash. Please use black icing. Stars sold...

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Voodoo Gingerbread Men Cutters

$15.25 from Amazon »

The holidays. They encourage us to appreciate and reminisce about those we love. Yet somehow, they also provoke us to fixate on those we hate. Fred & Friends examined this 'tis the season, yin-yang dynamic...and saw dollar...

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Crustache Crust Cutter

$8.52 from Amazon »

Ahhh, here's one for the kids, the kids at heart, and the practicing hipsters. The Crustache Cutter performs a little snip-snip on bread that's boringly shaped like bread to produce hilarious/clever/ironic (depending...