PackIt Flex Bento Food Storage Container

Posted: June 10, 2020
PackIt Flex Bento Food Storage Container
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The PackIt Flex bento-style divided food storage container ensures you'll be able to PackIt in, and then PackIt down the hatch at lunchtime, without being dealt the crushing blow of finding your chicken salad wrap has been soggified by your coleslaw, or your leftover Flamingo Surprise Jell-O salad leached into your leftover Ancho Chile Meatballs.

PackIt Flex food storage containers copy the bento method of keeping different foods separate for easy transport, and permeation-free eating. The difference here is the Flex dividers are removable and, yep, flexible, so you can custom configure your bento box to match the succulent grub (or soul-killing salad) you've brought to eat that day.

PackIt Flex bento containers measure 9.3" x 2.2" x 6.3", and have a 54-ounce / 6.6-cup capacity. Their lids are leak resistant and complement the dividers in your choice of Lime Punch, Ripe Raspberry, or Tropical Blue. In other words, colors that have gift for your girlfriend heading back to the office splashed all over them.

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