Oster Ironman Fitness Blender

By: on March 28, 2015
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Not that I have any shame when it comes to drinking things straight from their containers - milk, OJ, tequila - but sometimes it's trickier to do that with my smoothies and milkshakes on account of the unwieldy and wide-mouthed blender container. Unless I want to drink half my choco-peanut butter protein blast through my nasal cavities and eye sockets, transfer of shake to glass has always been unavoidable. Until. Now.

Oster's Ironman blender doesn't just pulverize your fruits and powders and ice to delectable drinkability, it does so right inside a 20-ounce sport bottle primed for immediate lip contact and - even better! - car cup holder insertion. The blender's stainless steel blade screws into its container prior to filling, and then attaches to a base armed with a 250-watt motor. A one-touch blending button activates the pair, which are strong enough to crush ice and smoothify frozen fruit.

Once ready to drink, flip the bottle over to remove the blade, and replace it with the included drinking lid. The bottle itself features a slip-resistant rubber grip, an ergonomic design geared towards the athlete, and an integrated loop for carrying the bottle or attaching it to a backpack or bag.

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The Coolest Cooler

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Is it cool enough to be called the Coolest? You decide. After months of anticipation (well, my 6-packs, margarita mix, and I were waiting with bated breath) the Coolest Cooler has finally launched its Kickstarter campaign....

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Umoro One Shaker Bottle

$25 from Umoro »

As a supplement fiend--I especially like the ones whose claims have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA--I gotta recognize the Umoro One first for concept alone. A sport bottle whose lid doubles as a powder and...

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TailGator - Gas Powered Blender

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Ahhh, summertime. Smells like freshly cut...margaritas. Thanks to the TailGator, a blender with cajones the size of a 25cc Poulan 2-stroke, 2 1/2 horsepower gas engine. It's not a new product--or the only one of its kind...

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Bellini Kitchen Master 8-in-1 Appliance

$529 from Amazon »

If you've watched the first few episodes of Westworld, you know where we're headed. Machines that will help us escape from our lives. Allow us to visit faraway places and times--real, not virtual--without an airplane...

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Portable Electric Mixer Cup

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Yeah I would like a smoothie, milkshake, triple salted caramel mocha frappuccino, and frozen margarita homemade at my desk. With this portable drink mixer, I'll no longer have to lug my blender to work to enjoy freshly...

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Ninja Ultima Kitchen System

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I was looking up ninja stuff on Amazon because...I'm a dude...and they kept showing me this blender and all of its 1,000 sellers and iterations. And I was like, "Stop showing me this damn effing blender, Amazon! I want...

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SOUP3RB Cook + Blend Blender

$71.07 from Amazon »

It looks like someone stuck the SOUP3RB's name in a blender. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether the word that came out of 3 Square's Cook + Blend machine is hot or cold....

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KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender

$119.99 from Amazon »

This week's Plenty Vaporizer giveaway has got me hungry. I'll take anything you got, but some nachos, homemade pork sausage (patties, not links, please), a coupla grilled cheeses with tomato soup, and a cheesecake would...

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Single-Serving Blender

$14.80 from Amazon »

I've had one of these Hamilton Beach single-serving blenders for years, and although it's not the highest quality blending product ever made, I use it faithfully for 3 reasons:...

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Blend and Cook Soup Maker

$1,080 from Amazon »

The Dump & Punch. That's a better name than Blend and Cook for Cuisinart's soup-making blender. Because if their literature is to be trusted, all I'd need do to enjoy a vat of steaming cream of tomato is dump in some...