OnMyWhey Portable Protein & Supplement Powder Keychains

Posted: January 03, 2020
Portable Protein & Supplement Powder Keychains
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A keychain-sized tub of protein powder? No whey! Yes whey, my shake-sipping friends, and not only that. These portable protein and supplement powder keychains are even called OnMyWhey, so they, much like myself, are as packed with puns as they are with protein.

The OnMyWhey containers hold up to 75cc of powdered supplements - or vitamins, baby formula, and spices (ThymeToGo, anyone?). Fill them from the wide-mouthed bottom with your favorite fitness formula, and then unscrew the narrow, funnel-friendly top to dump them into your water or drink bottle.

This OnMyWhey listing includes 3 protein powder keychains.

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