Old-Fashioned Electric/Manual Ice Cream Maker

Posted: July 02, 2015
Old-Fashioned Electric/Manual Ice-Cream Maker
$81.35 - $105.88
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What's nice about this old-fashioned pine bucket ice cream maker is that it has both a 3500 rpm high torque motor that you can use to make the ice cream and a hand crank that you can tell everyone you used to make the ice cream. Winner, winner, Salted Caramel with Bacon for dinner!

The MaxiMatic Elite Gourmet electric/manual ice cream maker salutes the days of yore in 4- and 6-quart solid wood bucket models. Inside lie a heavy duty aluminum freezing canister, canister lid and cap, and ice cream stirrer for producing mankind's greatest culinary invention in around 40 minutes. The electric/manual combo is intended to be used in tandem. Let the motor drive the maker's paddle to create a creamy consistency, and then use the die-cast hand crank to finish churning to your desired level of firmness. The motor also has over-heat protection in case you, say, drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke, and forget a little that it's running.

MaxiMatic Elite Gourmet old-fashioned buckets hold old-fashioned ice and rock salt for freezing the canister at an optimal 10 degrees F.

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