Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster

Posted: September 09, 2017
Check It Out

During heating you need swing the Nuvo Eco Ceramic Roaster constantly, drawing an imaginary number "8" or an elliptical orbit. And hold tight to its leather-covered handle. Like in the video above. For, like, two-and-a-half minutes straight. Better have strong wrists and a mighty grip.

I have strong wrists and a mighty grip.

Coincidentally, I am also accustomed to bracing, gripping, and moving my hand over a consistent path for two-and-a-half-minutes straight.

I bet some of you dudes are too. If you like coffee, and are interested in roasting your own green beans to chocolatey brown, the Nuvo Eco Ceramic Roaster is one of your best reviewed, and least expensive bets.

Electric coffee roasters are typically priced in the hundreds of dollars (or thousand if they're the ROST). They also need, uh, electricity to function. For a little extra extra elbow grease, the Nuvo Eco Ceramic Roaster comes in at a fraction of the cost, and is small and versatile enough to use over both your kitchen stove and your campfire.

The ceramic roaster's interior has a waffled texture that pairs with your hand job to ensure the coffee beans roast evenly. As the raw beans begin to cook, they will jump around popcorn-style inside.

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