NES Cartridge Flasks

Posted: May 12, 2015
NES Cartridge Flasks
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Want some pixelated vodka? An 8-bit .08 BAC? With these NES cartridge flasks nostalgic favorites like Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! become portals not only to good time gaming marathons on Saturday night, but also wicked hangovers on Sunday morning.

These 4.25-ounce flasks are built to the precise specifications of Nintendo cartridges, right down to the labels, which are modified to reflect the vessels' true nature, and also prevent maker Ink Whiskey from getting sued. To start your game of Bar-Hop Bros., Drunk Hunt, or Spike Dyson's Pass-Out!!, just unscrew the cartridge's leak-proof rubber plug and bottoms up.

NES cartridge flasks all come with a rollable funnel for filling.

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