Mizu Insulated Titanium Mug

Posted: December 06, 2016
Mizu Insulated Titanium Mug
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Do I want the Mizu insulated titanium camping mug over all the other insulated titanium camping mugs out there only because it's made by Ninja Prepper? Nah.

I want it because it says Ninja Prepper on the front of the mug. With a samurai sword underline!

Nice branding, Ninja Prepper. Nicely done.

The Mizu is a piece in NP's titanium line of high-end camping and survival products. They chose titanium for its durability and lightness, and even with a double-wall construction the mug weighs only 97 grams. Equally appealing, the design ensures Mizu contents will stay hot, but the hands holding it won't have to choose between wearing gloves or suffering 3rd degree burns during use. Even with boiling liquid inside, the mug should remain cool to the touch.

Mizu handles collapse to flush against the cylinder for snag-free storage. Size is similar to that of a standard coffee cup.

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