Mitten Flask

Posted: September 21, 2014
Mitten Flask

It's only natural that a company called Perpetual Kid would be selling a Mitten Flask. Ahhh, mittens. I lost so many of them sledding during Christmas vacation as a precocious 7-year-old. And ahhh, flasks. I always had my favorite 8 oz. copper standby to hold the Wild Turkey I'd down behind a massive oak tree to warm myself up afterwards.

This winter, Mitten Flasks will make the perfect accompaniments to ski slopes, football games, and long waits at bitter cold bus stops. Have a favorite liquor you want to keep...wait for it...close at hand? Pour a few ounces into the mitten's bladder flask, slip it into the zippered pocket at the palm, and just like that, it's thumbs up, bottoms up.

The flasked mitten in the 2-piece set includes a spill-proof bite valve for booze access without the need to unscrew a cap with yarn-ensconced hands.

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