Microbrew Teacup

Posted: August 15, 2013
Microbrew Teacup

Tea. Often it starts out tasting herbal, aromatic, soothing. But then it finishes off smacking of a skunk's sphincter due to the leaves having steeped for too long. Obviously removing the leaves/bag prior to this point is a viable alternative to sipping butthole-infused liquid, but that can make a hot drippy mess, and also requires me to lift a finger.

So, in an effort to preclude both disagreeable circumstances, let's take a look at leibal's microbrew-style teacup. Simplistic in appearance, functionality, and even name, Teacup recruits a triangle bottom to assist tea drinkers in adjusting--and maintaining--tea to their preferred strength without slopping it all over the table, or the white button-up that has to give a presentation in 10 minutes.

To start, tilt Teacup such that its strainer side is lower, and input your desired quantity of tea leaves. (I bet you can shove a bag in that slot as well.) Add hot water until it covers the leaves, and then steep to contentment. When ready to engage in lip-to-ceramic action, tilt Teacup in the opposite direction, and watch the water/skunky flavor sucker fall away from the leaves for the perfect cup of tea.

Presuming user doesn't bone it up to that point, s/he can repeat the above steps with more hot water when ready.

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