MagicalButter Cannabis Cooker

By: on September 06, 2014
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Easily make medicinal butter, oils, tinctures, lotions, and sauces. Hear that? MagicalButter is so named for its power to convert healing herbs into healing herb culinary creations. So start coughing and breaking into a cold sweat. Then grab a bottle of Everclear and couple sticks of Land O' Lakes and check out the video to see how feeling much, much better can be as easy as 1...2...weeeeed!

MagicalButter, or MB2, is a kettle-sized device that extracts the THC from cannabis (plus botanicals from other herbs if you're into that sort of thing) and incorporates it into base ingredients for elaborate feel-good drinks, entrees, and desserts. Or just a nice piece of feel-good buttered toast. In a few simple steps and the literal push of a button, the cooker's micro-processor controls will draw out the herbs' botanicals and fold them into butter, oils, and alcohols. It can produce both food and skincare products in as little as 2 hours.

Seattle-based MagicalButter says the availability of their MB2 is helping people in states where marijuana has been legalized, either comprehensively or for medical applications, drastically reduce their dependence on pharmaceuticals. I think ownership of the gourmet cannabis cooker is going to help people in all states and countries of the world drastically reduce their stress levels, tendencies to get angry or worked up about...anything...and inability to see the hilarity in things such as cartoons and ceiling fans. On a personal note, I'm pretty sure the tomatillo sauce I'll be making with oil from the MagicalButter machine will finally enable me to conquer my friend Victor's Newborn Baby Burrito Challenge, wherein participants must attempt to eat an 8-pound beef, bean, sausage, rice, and 4-cheese bambino wrapped in 6 flour tortillas and doused in Colon Cleaner hot sauce in 30 minutes or less.

MagicalButter cookers stand 14" tall x 10" wide x 10" deep and weigh 8 pounds. They can make between 2 and 5 cups of liquid.

To make the namesake MagicalButter, add 14 to 20 grams of botanicals (do not pre-grind) per 1 cup of unsalted butter and an optional 1 T of sunflower lecithin to the machine. Set the temperature to 160 degrees F and press the "2 Hours/Butter" button. Walk away. Once the cycle is complete, remove the MB2 head and pour the canister's contents through the MagicalButter PurifyFilter. Store for use...or grab the lobster and go for a dunk.

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