Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Posted: July 01, 2015
Italia Artisan Pizza Oven
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It's pricier than a KettlePizza wood-fired pie from your Weber kit, but if for some reason you're not into mixing your grills with your ovens, Camp Chef's Italia Artisan Pizza Oven is still a reasonably affordable and compact means of creating the crisp crusts and gooey melded cheese the land of better-bring-my-fat-pants does so perfectly. Within its tabletop-sized frame, the Italia contains tubes and knobs and heating elements designed to replicate the performance of an authentic Italian wood-fired brick oven.

Double-walled construction, calibrated 17,000 BTU burners, complete ventilation, and a cordierite ceramic pizza stone comprise the foundation of the Artisan Pizza Oven and contributed to its enhanced heating dynamic and, according to Camp Chef, ability to replicate pies from The Boot to a T. Or would that be to a P? Preheat time is around 15 minutes, and once the flames are firing, bakers have full control over their intensity and overall temperature with a built-in valve ignition/micro-adjust valve and built-in temp gauge.

The Italia Artisan Pizza Oven can reach temperatures of 700+ degrees F. In addition to pizza, try it for baking breads or roasting meats. Its power source is a 1-pound disposable propane bottle. Overall dimensions: 15" x 26" x 16" without shelf; pizza stone dimensions: 13.25" x 20".

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