Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor Coasters

By: on November 24, 2013
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I hope the electromagnetic fields projected by these Iron Man 3 glowing Arc Reactor coasters will keep my drinks safe this holiday season from particulates of snot and saliva ejected by fellow partygoers whose mothers never taught them to cover their mouths, as well as those who cannot say it without spraying it.

Further, I pray that placing my glass atop one of the fusion-powered coasters will exponentially increase its contents' strength. Meaning I can pour a pint of PBR, but drink a pint of Brewmeister's Snake Venom. Or fill a mug with hot milk, but down a mug o' double muscled Belgian blue bull. Imagine the money I'll save! Imagine the blackout, 911 levels of alcohol...and protein!...I'll consume!

Yes, those are my greatest hopes and prayers. Even though I know the Iron Man Arc Reactor coaster set doubtfully does much more than protect sensitive surfaces from spills and condensation rings whilst blazing an icy and mesmerizing blue. It's cool though. The coasters still look nice and I have many other methods for averting germs and getting sloppy drunk in public.

Palladium-free Arc Reactor coasters come in sets of 4, and each contains battery-operated LEDs controlled by an on/off switch on its underside. They are not pressure sensitive, but glow continuously. Except when they run out of power. Which usually happens only at the most inopportune times.

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Iron Man Hoodie


This Iron Man crime-fighting-armor-turned-loungewear combines the Avenger's Mark VII and Mark VIII suits. Its chest and shoulders draw from the former, while the elbows and abdomen take after the latter. Awww, it's like...

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Exo-Gauntlet - CO2 Powered Exoskeleton

$3,300 from Bionic Concepts »

JP Rishea masterminds a legion of sick conglomerations of metal and power, but the Exo-Gauntlet is probably his most irrationally needful of them all. I guess one could technically argue that it has a few practical applications...

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Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

$25 - $30 from Amazon »

We've all done it. We've all badgered someone else for doing it. And really, song lyrics misheard, mistaken, and butchered are almost always more fun than what the artists are actually singing anyway....

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Face Mask Drink Coasters

$21.67 from Amazon »

Paladone's Face Mask Drink Coasters are a party multi-tool. Use them old school, to hold your sweaty drink so you don't f*ck up the table. Use them new school, as a frisbee projectile to pelt your friend Cornelius, or...

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Iron Man Power Band

$199.99 from ThinkGeek »

Robert Downey Jr. is almost as cool as Tony Stark, and the fact that RDJ is wearing the Iron Man Magtitan New Legend Power Bands while playing Tony Stark in the new Avengers movie, and the Power Bands ThinkGeek is selling...

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NFL Football Teams' Greatest Plays Slate Coasters

Sold Out from Amazon »

These football plays will go down in history as their NFL teams' greatest, and the slate coasters they're printed on will go down on your table as a barrier between your fine oak and your sweaty can of Bud. The 4-deep...

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Marvel Superhero Family Car Decals

Sold Out from Amazon »

Usually I hope a giant flock of pigeons craps on those cars with the stick figure family decals on them...unless the scene goes on to show T-Rex eating everyone...but I don't think I'd find these Marvel superhero versions...

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The CouchCoaster

$19.95 from CouchCoaster »

The CouchCoaster: Because you could throw your back out reaching all the way to the coffee table to get your beer....

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Carbon Fiber Race Track Drink Coaster Set

Sold Out from Amazon »

These Carbon Fiber Race Track Drink Coasters are light, fast, and slick. Which is exactly what I myself am going to be long about the 6th beer I set on one of them this 4th of July weekend....

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Don't F*ck Up the Table Coasters

$24.99 from Amazon »

No reason to mince words when it comes to protecting the 300-pound cherry wood table you just bought off Craigslist. Don't fuck up the table, Cornelius! It's a fine piece of furniture that deserves better than a surface...

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Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

$19.99 from Amazon »

Maybe you don't need outdoor wine glass holders for yourself. I don't. I need outdoor wine glass holders for my girlfriend. So that when we go to see a summer movie in the park on romantic date night she doesn't tip her...

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Coaster Werx Bottle Opener Coasters

$25 - $35 from Coaster Werx »

Coaster Werx answers the call of "Crack one open!" in pretty much every which way you can crack one open. On the flip side of the company's solid billets of aircraft grade aluminum are cork board bottoms embedded with...