Insulated Mug with Temperature Display

Posted: September 15, 2013
Insulated Mug with Temperature Display
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In these troubled and litigious times, it's just not realistic to expect people to determine whether a drink is hot or cold by tasting it. Also, the world loves LED technology. And hearts. Putting hearts on things is always cool. So basically this insulated mug, which gives an LED readout of its contents' precise temperature, plus a glowing blue, orange, or red heart indicating hot, warm, and cold when touched, represents the pinnacle of beverage containment. It's not just a needful thing, it's a necessity.

At a caress of my fingers the thermal cup alights with a precise temperature reading, and a blue heart if its liquid is below 35 degrees C (95 F), orange if it's between 35 and 65 C (95 to 149 F), and red if it's over 65 C. I've never met another mug--or human being for that matter--that responds so favorably to my touch.

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