Indoor & Portable Brazilian Grill

By: on January 24, 2015
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Mmmm, Brazilian steak houses. Forget Chinese and Old Country Buffets, these rodizios are the true definitions of gustatory decadence and gluttony. All-you-can-eat grilled meat from the rotisserie, served table side--you don't even have to make the walk from your chair to the spread or stand in line behind some incompetent jackhole trying to scoop up Kung Pao Chicken with a set of tongs. And the best part...no, the two best parts?

1) The disc they give you when you sit declaring MAS! on the green-means-go side, and NO MAS! on the red, I'm-experiencing-hairline-cracks-along-my-small-intestine side.

2) The giant swords they use to skewer and serve everything from Brazilian sausages to boneless leg of lamb. And the resultant warning that all children in the rodizio should remain seated at all times.

Anyway, I'm sure this portable Brazilian BBQ doesn't produce meat packing quite the same magnitude of belly orgasms as those they use at the steak houses, but it still looks pretty alright for indoor, at-home use. You can also sit it on a camp stove to bring the flavors of Brazil to your outdoor adventures. I hear grizzlies are partial to Lombo com Queijo.

When used indoors, the Brazilian grill places over a gas stove burner so the gas flam can enter through a circular opening at its base, where it is diffused evenly to heat the food, inserted vertically on skewers inside. This package includes a pair of double skewers, 5 standard skewers, and a chrome-plated grill basket. Cook stake, chicken, fish, even vegetables, though why the hell would you want to do that? It's like the people who go to the rodizios and actually make a trip--like get up and walk over--to their salad bars. What a waste of energy and stomach space.

The stovetop/camping unit serves up to 8 people at a time, with a capacity for around 4-1/2 pounds of meat, all sizzled and ready de-skewer in less than 20 minutes. A catch basin at the bottom catches all meat drippings for use in Bloody Marys the next morning.

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BakerStone Original Pizza Oven Box for the Grill

$112.99 - $159.97 from Amazon »

I do like me some pizza out of a box. Here, BakerStone trades in the cardboard of what we'd normally think of as a pizza box for stone and metal. This is the Pizza Oven Box, so named because BakerStone says it will transform...

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STCKBLS Stackable & Expandable BBQ Grill System

$325 - $399 from STCKBLS »

The guys who created STCKBLS could be equal parts foodie and roadie. Their new stackable, modular BBQ grill system looks like a tower of amps coming in, and cooks like a gas grill turned up to eleven...no, twelve thousand...

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Reversible Meat Pounder & Tenderizer

$29.95 from Amazon »

Time to pound some meat! And then let your gentle side take over and press it tenderly. You don't even need 2 different toys to do it with Leifheit's Pro Line Meat Pounder & Tenderizer. It's reversible. A powerful and...

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JAG Communal Grill Table

$2,499 - $2,999 from JAG Grill »

I don't really want a JAG Grill for myself. I mean, it's a lot of money and seems like a lot of work to put together and maintain, and then you have to, like, clean it.... But I am very much in favor of someone I know...

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CasusGrill - Biodegradable Instant BBQ

$8 from The Fowndry »

Biodegradable and 100% natural, the CasusGrill leaves no trace when you dispose of it. Which is more than I can say for the oysters my friend Cornelius grilled at his anti-Taco-Tuesday BBQ last night. I disposed of at...

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Cowboy Cauldron BBQ & Fire Pits

$1,695 - $2,995 from Cowboy Cauldron Co. »

A Cowboy Cauldron brings together folks from all walks of life. Wranglers can cook out with witches. Dudes from the ranch can grill with dads from McMansions. Fantasy fans can warm their hands across the fire pit from...

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Scout Overland Kitchen

Hmmm, I think I just found a way to make some extra cash this summer. A full kitchen in the trunk for me means Cuban sandwiches, carnitas tacos, and five spice duck congee for all of you festival and beach goers. Or maybe...

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15-Minute Meat & Vegetable Vacuum Marinator

$79.80 from Amazon »

Not quite as good as tumbling your meat into diamonds, but way better than waiting 12 hours for it to marinate. The Chef's Elite 15-Minute Marinator uses a vacuum system and a (literal) drum roll to (literally) turn your...

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Raclette Interactive Party Grill

$74.36 from Amazon »

Raclette grills epitomize the best way to host a dinner party: make all the guests cook their food themselves. Named for a Swiss cheese that melts well, raclette has evolved to include a Swiss style of interactive dining...

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The Blaze Fire Tower

$499 from Amazon »

Blaze looks to combine the best parts of a fire pit with the best parts of a grill in their Blaze Fire Tower. And me, I'm lookin' to come out the other side of Christmas in a Blaze of glory....

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The Original Po' Man Charcoal Grill

$114.99 from Amazon »

"It looks like a trash can and tastes better than an Egg, so it will be the conversation piece of your next BBQ." So say the creators of the Po' Man, a grill that sets up with a set down on the ground, operates on plain...

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Smokemiester BBQ Smoker Grill Converter

$109.95 from Amazon »

Holy smokes...miester! A Weber, a hole saw, and a coupla Bud Light Limes on a Saturday afternoon, and my Bru-BQ Wayne kettle grill becomes a Bat-Smoker too! The Smokemiester BBQ Smoker converts any covered grill into...