HYDRA SmartBottle

Posted: October 08, 2016
HYDRA SmartBottle
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HYDRA has found a way to make water a whole lot more interesting, and it doesn't even involve caffeine, neon food dyes, or a 1,000,000 Scoville rating. (Though that last one might be a fun idea for a Halloween prank.) Rather than doctor up your water, HYDRA pimps out its container with the SmartBottle.

In the middle the HYDRA holds 20 ounces of your favorite beverage, simple enough. Then things get a little more interesting at the "cap" end, which doubles as a portable 5W Bluetooth speaker, with microphone for hands-free phone connection. The bottle pairs especially well with cyclists, who can listen to music without headphones, and store its source in their water holster. The HYDRA's speaker end also has an LED light with a flashing red option for night rides and emergencies, and bright white setting for picnics and campings. You can also flick over to rainbow for sexy time in the tent. (Warning: Based on where I got a spider bite last time I had sexy time in the tent, I do not necessarily recommend sexy time in the tent, rainbow light show or not.)

At its base end the HYDRA SmartBottle continues the multi-functional good times with a hidden stash chamber and a 4000mAh polymer power bank with 2.1a USB output.

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