Homemade Bacon Kit

Posted: May 10, 2013
Homemade Bacon Kit
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Would you say that bacon-themed things are getting a little old? I would. Unless, that is, the bacon-themed thing happens to be actual bacon. baconkit's nifty portable armory of curing tools and ingredients enables all swine-loving beings with opposable thumbs to turn 5 pounds of store-bought pork belly into 5 pounds of homemade pork ecstasy.

Each kit includes a curing bag, cure, maple sugar, a thermometer, and an instruction sheet. The DIY curing process is simple to execute, even for people who can't cook anything that doesn't slip into a Tosatabag, and directions are included both for basic cured bacon and candied-up maple bacon. baconkit promises that the loving, personal touch of your hand to the pig's belly will produce a slab of meaty heaven that won't shrink, shrivel, or release water when fried. Which both makes me very happy and also very concerned as to why the bacon I buy at the grocery store does recoil and spat in response to the heat of my skillet in these ways....

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