HMM Cast Iron & Teak Coffee Scoop

Posted: June 07, 2019
Cast Iron & Teak Coffee Scoop

HMM calls their coffee scoop the Sqoop. And what the scoop on this Sqoop is, is that it combines a square cast iron dipper with a solid teak wood handle to create a bean transporter your Colombian dark roast will feel proud to ride in.

And that all the hipster coffee drinkers will feel proud to own. Especially after reading that Sqoop "intends to be a bit weighty and retro to perform your everyday coffee ritual." Holy Instagrammed breakfast and year-round Movember, Batman. Has a more hipster statement ever been made?

But, hey, pssst, if your dad is a hipster coffee drinker, it's not too late to get him an HMM cast iron & teak coffee scoop for Father's Day. Yep, the little guy is damn expensive for a utensil, but it still rings in as a decent Father's Day gift for $50 or less.

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