Head Rush Bottle Bong

Posted: June 06, 2018
Head Rush Bottle Bong

Head Rush Bottle Bong creators explain that their drinking tool is "a simple way to down a bottle of beer in a hurry." Good thing too, because as the great Jessie Spano once said, "There's no time! There's. Never! Any! Time!" There's especially no time to drink your beer in a leisurely fashion, especially when you're at a summer BBQ or attending a baseball game or hanging at the pool or...wait.

Isn't the whole point of kicking back with a beer to drink it in a leisurely fashion? Why do you need to rush, or to get a Head Rush? Back to you, Head Rush Bottle Bong creators:

Because if you "Shotgun a bottle!" with the Head Rush Bottle Bong, you're "guaranteed to get the party started with a bang!"

Am I guaranteed to have a 20-year-old girl with a belly ring and a blue bikini show up to hold a packaged Bottle Bong while I use my unpacked one to skull a Corona Light like in the video too?

If so, OK then. I'm willing to Head Rush a bottle of beer down in a hurry.

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