Happy Bowl - One-Piece Silicone Placemat & Bowl

Posted: July 09, 2019
Happy Bowl - One-Piece Silicone Placemat & Bowl
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I don't know why the Happy Bowl images indicate the one-piece silicone placemat and bowl is for children because this grown ass man would be very Happy Bowl to have one too. An unbreakable bowl built into a placemat! For all the times I forget to bring a placemat to the coffee table when I'm pairing a binge watch of Stranger Things with a big bowl of Lucky Charms, and my wife gets all pissy when a wet marshmallow or two slops out on its way to my mouth. It even looks like the fused bowl and mat are sturdy enough to hold in one hand, just underneath my cereal's final resting point, so any dripping milk or mouth misses I may experience due to the engrossing TV show will not result in a Lucky Charms-soaked lap. So many wins with the Happy Bowl.

And, yeah, you can use it for your kiddos too. Cereal, spaghetti, soup and sammiches, all contained within the perimeter of the 10.2" x 8.8" placemat. Well. Theoretically. Most kids' abilities to spread their messes far and wide is matched only by their ability to eat grass and boogers and break things. But - aha! - that's where the second cool feature of the Happy Bowl comes in. Made of silicone, the dish and mat are shatterproof.

The Happy Bowl's makers also sell a similar one-piece bowl and mat for your pets, the Ono Good Bowl.

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