Guzzle Buddy Beer Bottle Glass

Posted: April 26, 2019
Guzzle Buddy Beer Bottle Glass
$9.99 - $11.99
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I get creating a Guzzle Buddy for a wine bottle - makes it much easier and classier to chug from a dense, 705mL bottle. But why do I need a Guzzle Buddy glass for an 11-ounce beer bottle it's already pretty easy for me to chug from?


Just the classy part.

Plus the funny gift for beer lovers part.

Guzzle Buddy makes its Beer Bottle Glasses in both hand-blown breakable, and Tritan copolyester shatterproof styles. Both screw into the top of any standard beer bottle, consolidating the pouring and drinking portions of consuming a beer. Oh, I guess that's another thing a Guzzle Buddy Beer Bottle glass is good for. Efficiency.

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