Gropener One-Handed Bottle Opener

Posted: August 29, 2017
Gropener One-Handed Bottle Opener

No, Gropener is not what it looks like Uncle Harry is doing to Cousin Ricky's new girlfriend at the family reunion. Gropener is a smoosh-together of the words "grab" and "opener," done to signify what this clever tool helps you do: grab a bottle of beer, and pop it open with the same hand. The Gropener is a one-handed bottle opener.

And, it's ambidextrous, my fair-fingered lefties.

Hold your bottle by the neck and your Gropener by the finger hole as you slip the aluminum hook over the lip of the cap. Press down, flip up, and sip's on, baby! The Gropener even disengages bottle caps without bending them, in case you're the cap collectin' type.

Gropeners are made from anodized aluminum, with a small, cylindrical rare-earth magnet embedded alongside the hook end to catch caps, and so you can store the tool on your fridge. Choose from 9 different Gropener colors, or get a wad of them to save for the holidays as a terrific stocking stuffing or gift for a man.

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