Fromaggio Smart Home Cheesemaker

Posted: February 26, 2019
Fromaggio Smart Home Cheesemaker

As a veritable fromagivore, I'd welcome a Fromaggio Smart Home Cheesemaker into my home with mouth wide open. The Fromaggio isn't some piddly DIY mozzarella kit - though you can use it to make mozza - it's a highly skilled cheesmaking robot that combines factory-level machinery and capabilities with the artisanal lure of becoming a domestic cheesemonger.

Coming very soon to Kickstarter, the Fromaggio cheesemaker requires users to do little more than pour in milk and cultures or rennet, and select the type of cheese they'd like to create. The Fromaggio mobile app will include standard settings for soft and hard varieties ranging from cream cheese, ricotta, and chevre to cheddar, bleu, and parmesan, or you can program your own setting for a favorite diary bomb after some experimentation. You can also use Fromaggio to make yogurt, kefir, tofu, and vegan cheeses with soy or almond milk.

In action the Fromaggio heats your milk mixture at various temperatures and intervals, and then mixes, cuts the curd, drains the whey, and finishes your hunk by pressing the cheese to finish. From that point, it's up to you whether to dig in or try aging your homemade cheese. Depending on type, the Framaggio can whip up your cheese is as little as 30 minutes (e.g., for mozzarella) or take up to 48 hours. Inside the automatic cheesemaker has detachable heads with different sized cutters and a press.

If you want to get in on the Fromaggio's crowdfunding campaign, head over to Fromaggio website and sign up for notification of its launch.

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