Ember Special Edition Copper Temperature Control Mug

Posted: May 16, 2019
Ember Special Edition Copper Temperature Control Mug
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Hope you've been saving your copper pennies* because you'll have to trade a whole lot of them for one of Ember's Special Edition Copper Mugs. If you want to tell your pops he's the best dad ever, give him a mug with those words on it as a Father's Day gift. But if you want to show him you mean it, give him a copper mug that will keep his coffee or tea at the precise temperature of his choosing from first drink to last.

You may have seen Ember's travel version of their temperature control mug here before. They also make them for desktops in more traditional coffee mug styles, but with a lot more tech going on inside. Ember charges on an included coaster, and can maintain your desired temperature fo an hour once fully charged.

Control the mug's temperature remotely with the Ember app, plus save temperature settings for different hot drinks in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The mug knows when it's empty and automatically shuts off and enters sleep mode. It wakes up with it senses movement or liquid.

*Yeah, yeah, you can use the zinc ones to buy an Ember Copper Mug too.

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