Dragon Wine Bottle Holder

Posted: January 20, 2015
Dragon Wine Bottle Holder
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Is it just me or is this dragon holding a wine bottle pretty much, um, adorable? It's definitely cuter than every kid who's ever shown up in my Facebook feed even though I try to unfriend people when they produce offspring, and almost as cute as I was back at that same tender suckling age. I've heard from selected third parties that my mama even sneaked some of her Jameson into my baba every now and then to persuade me to sleep instead of lying in my crib screaming my head off. So Fire Breather Jr. and I have our early-acquired tastes for booze in common too.

The dragon bottle holder is made of cold cast resin and stands 7" tall x 11-1/2" wide x 6-1/2" deep. In addition to Cabs and Syrahs the little guy can also mock guzzle liquor bottles, olive oil, and probably dildos if you want to be like that.

WARNING: Placing flammable liquids near dragon's breath is probably a fire hazard.

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