DestapaBanana Filling Injector

By: on August 09, 2014

Are you kidding me? An Argentine made the DestapaBanana flavor injector? Not Ron Popeil or some borderline obese overenthusiastic dude with a pet monkey on Shark Tank?

Yes, apparently it's true. This kit that bores a vertical tunnel through a still-skinned banana, and then follows up by gorging it with a rich and delicious sauce that nullifies any previous health benefits associated with eating the tropical fruit was developed by Argentina's new favorite inventor, Sebastian Berger. Berger hopes to make the DestapaBanana available commercially (and particularly in the US, which he views as his market with the greatest potential) in the coming months. Costs to nutritionally devoid a banana are anticipated to be $20 to $25.

Berger himself says DestapaBanana "has a rich story that transformed a simple banana into a dessert with infinite flavors. Thatís what makes this story so long and absorbingly interesting." If the story mimics the video of a guy demonstrating DestapaBanana use, Berger is correct at least about the long part. The video drags on...and on. But it's all in Spanish so if there's any award-winning, "absorbingly interesting" dialogue in there to help pass the time, I couldn't tell you. That said, if you're interested in the device enough to get through it, the video does provide a complete visual step-by-step of Destapa-ing a banana with caramel sauce. Also, in addition to the main dude in front of the camera, there are at least 2 kids, a lady, and a second mysterious man hand detectable in its nearly 6 minutes of footage. So I guess at least one clear message about the product is: it takes a village to stuff a banana.

Also, not to ruin the ending for you, but when the leader of the village bites into his completed DestapaBanana and then flashes the camera a shot of the fruit's prized caramel filling, it all runs out such that one cannot help but think of man's man parts and personal "caramel filling".

DestapaBanana shoot 'em up sauce flavors currently include Dulche de Leche, Strawberry, and Chocolate.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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