Deep Tea Diver Tea Strainer

By: on February 07, 2014
  • Deep Tea Diver Tea Strainer
  • Deep Tea Diver Tea Strainer
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My friend Esteban lives on a boat and at the end of the summer every year he hires a diver to scrounge around the water at the bottom of his slip to try to recover the myriad items he and his friends drop over the side when they're drunk. This past September was a banner year. He got 4 smartphones, a handful of glass pipes, an axe, a set of 14K gold grillz, a PlayStation 3 (thanks to his ex), and a replica ring of Thorin Oakenshield.

By the way, here's a tea strainer in the shape of a SCUBA diver. It's called the Deep Tea Diver because that opportunity was too good to pass up. The name may have even preceded the creation of the strainer itself. The diver's suit was fashioned after a classic Meoguri, which relies on just a single string from its oxygen tank to provide the wearer with air. In this case, the string is used to prevent tea drinkers from suffering chamomile burns while fishing their leaf holder out of the mug post-steeping.