Creature Ice Pop Molds

Posted: March 25, 2019
Creature Ice Pop Molds
$8.42 - $15.95
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Tovolo's line of 3D ice pop molds spans the ages, the tall tales, and the bloodlust with representation from all your favorite creatures and pop culture darlings. The silicone molds come with 4 slots of 4 different shapes of your chosen beast, and the effect extends all the way from popsicle (zombie) head to plastic (gnarly monster) stick feet, and even the (dinosaur skeleton) spine gripping the formed ice pop in the middle.

Ice Pop Mold creatures include spine-chilling monsters, blood-curdling zombies, treacherous dinosaurs, hulking yetis, ominous robots, horrifying tikis, and some truly chilling penguins. Yuk, yuk, yuk. You can also suck on a set of popsicles in sword and human thumb styles, the latter of which would be an appropriate backhanded gift for someone you think routinely behaves like a big ol' baby.

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