Comic Book Wedding Cake Servers

Posted: May 24, 2014
Comic Book Wedding Cake Servers
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Since every intricate, mind-numbing detail of a wedding must be labored over and planned, I'm going to help grooms out with the intricate, mind-numbing detail of selecting wedding cake utensils. Shazam! A wedding cake server and knife engraved in comic book superhero style. Your betrothed may not be Wonder Woman...or Robin...but the two of you can still demonstrate what a Dynamic Duo you make with your cake slicing and transporting skills.

Another way to project Dynamic Duoship: wedding cake fight. Newlyweds v. Guests. An epic battle to the ruin of all formalwear.

Brad Goodell created the cake gear's comic book design, and sears it into stainless steel servers and knives by Onieda. He says the POW!, WHAM!, and ZAP! carvings will last for years without wearing or washing off. Wedding cake servers measure 11" long and knives 13-1/2" long.

The comic book wedding cake servers are a top Dude Gift for a Geek pick.

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