Color-Changing Bottle Lamps

Posted: August 26, 2015
Color-Changing Bottle Lamps
$20 - $89.95
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Fred Fleming might like empty bottles of Grey Goose, Patron, and Fireball even more than he likes them full. The Connecticut-based artist repurposes glass liquor (and ketchup!) bottles into the swell LED light shows you see before you. With the help of an infrared remote control, Fleming's color-changing Bodacious Bottle lamps will glow in your choice of 16 different RGB colors, and 4 different lighting effects

Fleming uses tiny glass crystals to coat the inside surface of his bottles, and create their diffused, diamond-like sparkle when lit. He then adds the LED and a standard 2-prong plug, and attaches the lamps to a solid wood base with a high-quality epoxy. In addition to color-changing models, Fleming also makes a few single color lamps, such as the Sol bottle nightlight in the gallery above. Lamp sizes vary by bottle size. At printing, the Bodacious Bottles Etsy shop had dozens of different bottle lamps available. It addition to tabletop lighting and plug-in night lights, buyers can also purchase bottle lamps housed in shadow boxes.

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