Collapsible Folding Camping Table with Insulated Cooler

Posted: May 07, 2019
Collapsible Folding Camping Table with Insulated Cooler
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From campsites to kids' soccer games, and picnics to BBQs, this collapsible folding table with cooler from Camerons sets up as a portable outdoor buffet to feed and hydrate your family and friends. Though I use the terms "feed" and "hydrate" loosely, and you'll probably end up stuffing the top bowl with Cheetos or kettle corn, and the bucket cooler on the bottom with beer.

The Camerons Portable Tailgating Table, perhaps a new addition to your essential tailgating gear, stacks a large central food and 4 corner of cup holders over a zippered, insulated cooler that looks like it can hold a 12-pack. While the table's collapsible design allows for toting it pretty easy in an included travel bag, setup is stable thanks to an X-frame base and tension straps that secure the top surface.

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