Coaster Werx Bottle Opener Coasters

Posted: February 23, 2017
$25 - $35
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Coaster Werx answers the call of "Crack one open!" in pretty much every which way you can crack one open. On the flip side of the company's solid billets of aircraft grade aluminum are cork board bottoms embedded with 4 different types of bottle and can openers. Opener Coasters give you easy (and mess- and pain-free) access to the sweet nectar underneath traditional bottle caps, plastic twist off caps, metal twist off caps, and, with a pry bar tool, good ol' can tabs.

Opener Coasters' MK-1 military / industrial and Modern designs begin as solid billets of aircraft grade aluminum, which are then stone washed and covered in anodized top finishes to protect your furniture from drink sweat. On the bottom, the integrated bottle openers take over the 4 corners of the coasters, but are set into the cork coverings so they won't scrape up your table.

The MK-1 design weighs a sturdy 1.1 pounds and comes in colors Olive Drab Green, Tactical Black, Bright Red, and Gunmetal Grey. The simpler Modern Opener Coaster weighs 13 ounces and comes in Dark Bronze, Black, Bright Red, and Gunmetal Grey.

Coaster Werx seeks crowdfunding for the Openers here on Kickstarter through March 24, 2017.

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