CigarzUp Beer Bottle Cigar Holder

Posted: December 13, 2017
CigarzUp Cigar Holder
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A beer in one hand, a cigar in...the same hand. CigarzUp, yep, keeps your cigar up, and at the ready, when you're enjoying a smoke alongside a bottled cold one.

Probably outdoors.

And at least 20 feet away from the building.

Actually, if you're gonna smoke a stogie, can you go to the far corner of the parking lot? See that cozy area over by the dumpsters?

CigarzUp is a (admittedly kinda cheap-looking) plastic attachment that clasps onto a beer, water, or soda bottle, and offers up a rounded ledge to cradle your cigar. Both so it won't roll off the table, and so you can smoke and drink at the same time. Just keep your index finger over the cigar to keep it in place while you take a swig, and then grab a puff on your arm's way back down.

CigarzUp cigar holders come in ivory or bronze colors, and will snap over koozies as well as naked bottles.

Not boozing these days, but still rocking the caffeine-and-nicotine combo in all their emo glory? Check out the Coffee & a Smoke Cup instead.

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