Chinese Fisherman Tea Bag Holders

Posted: September 22, 2015
Chinese Fisherman Tea Bag Holders
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Jiang Ziya, also known as Jiang Taigong, was a Chinese statesmen and strategist for Ji Chang, King Wen of the Zhou State, and helped him overthrow the Shang Dynasty to establish the Zhou Dynasty. Legend has it that before the Zhou rose to dynastic power Ji Chang found Jiang Taigong fishing along a river with an unbent fish hook. This piqued the king's interest, and in speaking with him, the old man said that he didn't need to "hook" the fish; they would come to him when they were ready. Ji Chang then invited Jiang Taigong back with him, treating him as a mentor, and using his guidance to rise in power.

Many see the story as an allegory for the role Jiang Taigong was seeking alongside Ji Chang: the old man was fishing for his king. Today it is also used to communicate the idea that sometimes people do strange things deliberately, with implicit rather than obvious goals.

Wise and crafty man that Jiang Taigong, huh? Just like Western culture, which has mass produced him as a fishing tea bag holder for their own monetary gain. Each of the 4 fisherman tea holders sits atop your mug and uses its pole and (bent) hook to keep the string of your bag aloft while the leaves steep.

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