Chewbacca Lunchbag

Posted: April 30, 2014
Chewbacca Lunchbag

Raaaaaahhgh huuguughghg! Yeah, Chewie, I know. I'm hungry too. So stop hogging my lunch. Open up! Let's see what delectable afternoon satiations my mama packed beyond your furry Wookiee zip-up flap today. Awww yeah. Little Debbie Devil Squares. That's right, Mama!

The Chewbacca lunchbag is a soft tote with an even softer cover. Just as the insulated interior will keep your sodies and subs fresh and cold, the bag's bandoliered coat will keep your heart and soul happy and warm. Chewbacca as herald of feeding time is made of polyethylene foam and is 100% PVC free. He measures 10" high x 7" wide at the bottom. Note that like the real Chewie, lunchbag Chewie is not microwave safe, nor is he recommended for use by children, unless their parents want to spend 20 minutes every day after school extracting caked peanut butter and embedded Cheetos crumbs from his fur.

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