CamelBak Chem Bio Reservoir

Posted: March 14, 2016
CamelBak Chem Bio Reservoir
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If you're not an active duty soldier there's no real reason to buy a Chem Bio Reservoir 4.0, a backpack water bladder CamelBak designed to resist penetration by potentially lethal chemical and biological infiltrators. Then again, there's no real reason to buy a TAC-SAC or Imperial Spherificator no matter who you are, so I guess even a brogrammer living in downtown Seattle who only hikes well-marked trails once a month could be just as interested in owning a Chem Bio Reservoir as a Navy SEAL.

The 3L water flexible water pouch meets USACHPPM TG230A and TB MED 577 standards for 24-hour resistance to Sarin nerve and Mustard blister agents. Even with these added protections, CamelBak promises the Chem Bio Reservoir 4.0 will store and deliver water without tainting its tastelessness. The bladder can attach to standard protective gear, such as MOPP 4 suits and masks, and integrates with CamelBak's HydroLink Modular Attachment System that facilitates swap-outs between their Big Bite Valve, Filter Adapter, and Protective Mask Adapters.

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