BTO Cooler Stackable Drink Koozies

Posted: July 10, 2017
BTO Cooler Stackable Drink Koozies
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Double fisters, rejoice! The BTO Cooler turns the average koozie into a stackable drink holder and insulator so you'll never be without a cold one - or tower of cold ones - in hand.

Sold in sets of 2, BTO Coolers lock on top of one another with a beverage inside each. Use them as is to stay twice as hydrated in half the number of trips to the fridge or Pelican. Or keep adding to your BTO Cooler stack and create a Leaning Tower of Pabst that will last you all day. No joke. BTO says you can build them "as high as you want and make your friends jealous."

BTO Coolers have NBR double-wall insulation to preserve the chill on both cans tucked inside. Use them on boats, golfing, at the beach, in the backyard, anywhere glass isn't allowed, or as an easy gift for a beer lover.

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