Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe

By: on January 20, 2017

Sherlock Holmes approved. The Bripe is a nifty mashup of a coffee brewer and a pipe (and a less nifty mashup of the words "brewer" and "pipe.") You can use it both to percolate your grounds beans and then slurp up the resultant shot, making the Bripe a super portable purveyor fresh-brewed coffee you can take with you pretty much anywhere on earth.

Bripe creator, Tim Panek, came up with the idea during a hiking trip in the mountains of Costa Rica. He wanted the smooth warmth and caffeinated jolt of coffee without have to drag along a bunch of implements--mug included--and without needing a kettle or stove to make hot water.

The Bripe uses a handheld heat source, such as a blue flame lighter, steadied under its base to brew the coffee inside. The process: add grounds to to Bripe container; top with water; apply flame for 1 to 3 minutes, or until the Bripe's mounted thermometer gives you your desired brew reading (max is 185 degrees F). Once your coffee has permeated the water, you'll need to let it cool down to 140 degrees F before adding sugar / milk as desired, and then going to town on the pipe end of the Bripe. Blow bubbles in, suck coffee out.

The Bripe includes an adjustable and removable stainless steel ground filter that you can set from 150 to 500 microns to accommodate whatever size coffee grind you prefer. You can also use the Bripe to brew loose tea.

The body of the Bripe is made from a single piece of solid copper, with an integrated stem straw wrapped in cork and capped with a heat-resistant mouthpiece.

For those interested in purchasing a Bripe, the company has pre-order and sign-up information available on its website, but it hasn't been updated since Fall 2016, and the IndieGoGo ordering page they mention no longer exists. From the Bripe Facebook page it appears that they have completed one round of pipe shipment, so perhaps a second is in the works.

Muchas danke to Werd.

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