BoozeBots Robot Bartenders

Posted: June 28, 2014
$680 - $1,275
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More compact, less daunting, and less expensive (though still not cheap) takes on the previously Kickstarted Bartendro, BoozeBots are drink-slinging robots. Machines that siphon connected ingredients and use a library of over 4,500 recipes to mix your cocktails for you Jetsons-style.

BoozeBot models contain pumps for connecting between 2 and 16 different ingredients. Whether shooting out a vodka tonic with the simplest version or constructing an elaborate Planter's Punch with 8 different BoozeBot pipes a-slurping, the robots promise to pour cocktails with "pinpoint precision", and often in under 30 seconds.

Standard BoozeBots come with Raspberry Pi hardware and WiFi connectivity to give users free reign over all accompanying software, accessible via a tablet or smartphone and free BoozeBot app. In other words, if you're overcome with a hankering for an Old Fashioned while on the john, tap-tap-tap and your BoozeBot can have one ready by the time you flush. Pro versions of the cocktail machines also include a 7" built-in full-color touchscreen for library browsing and drink selection at the source.

Additional BoozeBot features include:

  • SmartPour, integrated to identify and show only the drinks the machine can create with the alcohol and mixers currently connected.
  • Upgradeable pumps for expanding BoozeBot size (e.g., from 2 to 6 pumps) without buying a whole new machine.
  • Easy cleanup. Replace connected ingredients with warm, soapy water and run the built-in cleaning program.

BoozeBots run as a Kickstarter campaign through August 2, 2014.

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