Bike-Mounted Leather Beer Caddy

Posted: August 17, 2014
Leather 6-Pack Bike Caddy
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Ahhh, full grain leather, a 6-pack of fine brew, and...physical activity? Blech. Can we swap that last one out for a cigar? No? That would defeat the entire purpose of Fyxation's bike-mounted beer caddy? Well. Alright. I guess this one is for all of you athletic overachievers out there. Just remember, you can get a DUI on your bike too. And you'll have no back seat for sleeping it off.

That said, if you ask a girl on a date to the park and then roll up all dapper and Ryan Gosling from The Notebook, toting a 6-pack of...what do girls drink, Corona? Blue Moon?...dangling in a leather caddy from your bike frame, she'll probably have sex with you immediately. But again...no back seat.

Fyxation engages local Wisconsin craftsmen to make their leather 6-pack caddies, plus all offerings in the urban bike shop's Tannery Collection. The beer carriers fasten to bicycle top tubes and seat tubes, nestling securely and with plenty of leg clearance, for two-wheeled commutes.

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