biem Instant Stick Butter Sprayer

By: on March 13, 2016
$129 - $159
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Whether you're looking to cut back on the butter or blanket your whole life in a dewy sheen of it, the forthcoming biem Butter Sprayer could be as revolutionary for your popcorn and toast as the Slotdog is for your wieners. Insert a full, solid stick of butter into this sweet kitchen gadget and seconds later it will emerge as a delicate mist o' flavor ready to coat your favorite foods, and nonstick-ify any pans that require nonstick-ification.

biem uses 100% real churned cow juice and hot air to generate its butter jet. That's it. No lab-made ingredients and no chemical propellants are necessary. The cylindrical vessel able to accomplish this culinary feat is (or will be--it's still undergoing final design tweaks) made of a silicone front and brushed stainless steel back. It will stand 10" tall, weigh 1-1/2 pounds, and use a pack of rechargeable batteries for heat and propulsion power. Additional features:

  • biem can spray any brand of stick butter.
  • The sprayer will not melt the whole stick of butter when you insert it, just the amount you need per use. It will also notify you when your stick is running low.
  • The biem heating mechanism warms butter only to 95 degrees, so it won't overheat or burn.
  • It will have a "no clog" nozzle design.
  • A smart on / off function employs an accelerometer to detect when you pick up the canister, and turns the biem on automatically.
  • You can store it on the countertop or in the fridge.

In addition to making butter application faster and easier, biem will also likely reduce the amount of butter you use, particularly when buttering pans for cooking and breads for grilled sandwiches. The health-conscious can enjoy butter more sparingly on vegetables, steaks, pasta, and pancakes too.

the biem Butter Sprayer seeks Kickstarter crowdfunding, and is available there for pre-order, through April 2, 2016.

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