Beast Head Shot Glasses

Posted: April 08, 2015
Beast Head Shot Glasses

Try some hair of the dog from the head of the bear. Become strong like bull with shot from bull. Take off the sheep's clothing with 1.7 ounces of 151 straight from the wolf. Look into the eye of the tiger as it sends the juice of the agave down the hatch of the mouth. Be like the rhino and...um...I don't know any idiomatic expressions or proverbs about the rhinoceros. But if he's your favorite beast of the jungle, here's a shot glass modeled after his melon.

Molla Space has developed another series of animal shot glasses, this one with a more modern and, in both figurative and literal senses, edgy aesthetic. All 5 breeds of beast are made of pewter and sit atop 1.7 fluid ounce ceramic cups. They stand on either end for equally appropriate drinking and display. Sold separately in black and white.

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