Alcohol Shot Gun

Posted: December 09, 2013
Alcohol Shot Gun
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I call shotgun! Wha--what the F Scott Fitzgerald, Cornelius?! You just sprayed me in the eye with...what is that, a...juicy fr--...no, a buttery nipple? You just squirted a buttery nipple at my face?! That's...that's...well, yes, that's delicious, but....

Yeah, OK, do it one more time. Aim for my neck though and maybe you'll get closer to the vicinity of my mouth.

Trumping the front seat and rivaling the firearm for everyone's favorite shotgun, the Alcohol Shot Gun loads and explodes an ounce of any liquid poured into its cartridge. Cock the trigger, point, shoot, and BOOM! Magical fruity/puckery/peaty projectile deployed. This might be the only gun on earth whose shot I'd prefer to be on the receiving rather than the delivering end of. I mean if I had to choose one or the other. My true preference is to avoid guns entirely, and sip my shots through a straw.

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