Air Cork Wine Preserver

Posted: June 28, 2013
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The Air Cork marketing team asks, "Do you ever want just one glass of wine, but worry that the rest will be wasted unless you finish the entire bottle?" Well, sort of, except I would phrase the question as follows: "Do you ever just want an entire bottle of wine, but worry you'll look like a redneck if you don't drink it out of a glass?" But I guess we're not talking semantics here, we're talking an inflatable cork with an airtight seal and a cute-'n'-clever pump that looks like a bunch of grapes.

Air Cork precludes oxidation with an easy inflation/deflation mechanism that controls what looks like a fist-sized purple balloon chillin' inside an open bottle of wine. When inflated, the balloon's seal forms and stays in place regardless of how much wine is left, and allows for both upright and sideways storage post blow. To use, lower the shriveled, natural rubber latex balloon end (ahhh, latex. I knew that thing reminded me of something!) into the bottle until it brushes the top surface of the remaining wine. Pump until the balloon floats and seals itself to the bottle's walls. When ready to bottoms up again, squeeze and hold the valve until the balloon deflates, and then remove it gently to avoid getting slapped in the face with flyaway liquid. Like I said, this is all sounding very familiar....

When used properly, the Air Cork should preserve wine at its peak for about 3 days.

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