Magician's Rabbit Popsicles

Posted: December 18, 2012
Magician's Rabbit Popsicles

Pulling one of these popsicle rabbits out of the hat is way more fun than producing a real one because 1) Flavored ice is 100% less likely to bite you and 2) It is immediately edible--no carrots, onions, red wine, or heat source necessary! The Bunny Pop top hat molds and ear sticks are sold in packs of two, and measure 3" x 3" x 5" to produce popsicles the approximate size of my fist. Mmm, it's like the frozen version of Peeps. Think of all the different bunny flavors you will eat. Orange juice bunnies, Kool-Aid bunnies, Coca-Cola bunnies, Capri-Sun bunnies, chocolate milk bunnies, strawberry Yoplait bunnies, blood bunnies (so you're still paying attention, 'ey?), grape juice bunnies, pomegranate-cranberry juice bunnies, Coors Light bunnies, Jell-O shot bunnies*, Red Bull bunnies, Sriracha bunnies, pureed shrimp bunnies (just a shout out to Bubba), bacon grease bunnies, yo mama bunnies....

*Note: I'm not sure this will actually work.

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