Halfpops - Half-popped Popcorn

By: on March 15, 2015
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Halfpops are the Hans & Franz of popcorn. Where sissy girly men might eat airy, puffy, pouf clouds for snacks, real Alphas eat Halfpops. Halfpops take your regular popcorn kernels and [clap] pump them up. Less popping and less fluffing for a higher concentration of texture and flavor in these dense nuggets of deliciousness.

Halfpops come in Aged White Cheddar, Butter and Sea Salt, and Caramel and Sea Salt. They are popped partway to full snacking power without artificial flavors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or corn syrup. They're also gluten and nut free. The listing shown here is for 16, 2-ounce individual bags of Halfpops.

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biem Instant Stick Butter Sprayer

$129 - $159 from Biem »

Whether you're looking to cut back on the butter or blanket your whole life in a dewy sheen of it, the forthcoming biem Butter Sprayer could be as revolutionary for your popcorn and toast as the Slotdog is for your wieners....

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Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper

$7.99 from Amazon »

This Cob Corn Stripper (not to be confused with a lady in a cornfield on a Hitch 'Er Up Stripper Pole) better work damn good, and without making a mess, because despite my rant last week about breaking up ground beef...

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Popcorn Monsoon

One thing that would make Jolene Carlier's Popcorn Monsoon better is if all the popped kernels actually landed in the bowl when they dropped out of the bottom of the machine's Mario pipe. But since the invention is still...

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Popcorn Bowl with Kernel Sifter

While I'm pretty sure this would be the most expensive popcorn bowl--and maybe bowl period--you'd ever own, if you are a popcorn fiend, or a Sesame Street-style Popcorn Monster, you might like a $75 popped corn receptacle...

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Lekue Collapsible Popcorn Popper

$20 from Amazon »

If you would like to gorge on popcorn during movie night and Super Bowl Sunday, and save space in your kitchen the other days of the week, Lekue has an idea. Their microwave popcorn popper lets you blast open kernels...

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Popinator Popcorn Launcher

The Popinator, a voice-activated device that launches a kernel of popcorn from its spout to your mouth at the sound of the word Pop!, may not be in production yet, but a once-over of the video makes it fairly clear that...

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Thanksgiving Popcorn Feast

Sold Out from Amazon »

Well here's one way to appease vegetarians, gluten intolerants, lousy cooks, people with a dish washing aversion, and Orville Redenbacher this Thanksgiving. King of POP has condensed an entire Turkey Day feast into 9...

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Wino Popcorn

$8 - $48 from Populence »

Popcorn and wine. They go together like peanut butter and, uh...french fries? Like something I'd probably try it because I dig both of those things individually and they don't have entirely antagonistic flavors, but I'd...

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Caffeinated Cracker Jacks

$11.22 - $14.18 from Nationwide Candy »

Jack's getting Jack'd. Cracker Jack'd packs, permutations of the beloved caramelized popcorn, will begin shipping on December 22, 2012 in a host of flavors and mixes--two of which will be shot up with 70 mg of caffeine...

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Buttered Popcorn Air Freshener

Need to gain a little weight? Does your apartment smell like a a 4 day old cheeseburger with a side of socks? Enter the buttered popcorn scented air freshener. It's hard enough not to constantly eat popcorn all day, but...

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Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn

Sold Out from Amazon »

This just might be the stuff I need to get me through the next movie I have to watch with my girlfriend. I mean, I'm not a little kid, so I don't really eat popcorn, but it could work. Who could stay awake for an entire...