Cherkees - Real Beef Jerky Potato Chips

By: on August 19, 2014
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Cherkees. They're not just potatoes deep fried in liquid smoke. These are straight up hybrids. Interminglings of gene pools. Culinary mutts of joy. Mr. Potato Head eating a fat T-bone steak. Cherkees entwine real potatoes with real lean beef, and then season and dehydrate them together just like jerky. The result: super-thin discs of meat and potatoes condensed, baked, and cruchified into perfect snacking form.

Cherkees, currently sold as either single 2.15-ounce bags or by the half case of 5 bags, are low in fat and high in protein. Per ounce they contain about 110 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 7 grams of protein. Each bag packs in just shy of 1/4 pound of beef. The crisps come in flavors BBQ, Cracked Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, and Teriyaki. Cherkees are proudly made in St. Petersburg Florida by Snack Innovators , the company also responsible for Chollives. I'll let you decide what you think the guest ingredient in that potato chip is.

So how do Cherkees taste? You can read an elaborate review of the jerked-up chips, by both sober and drunk people, over at Gizmodo. Generally, their texture is described as light but with some inner heft, and their flavor...not bad.

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